Keijo Korelin


I have been making classical guitars as a full-time professional luthier since 2006. During these 10 years I have build about 100 classical guitars and repaired many high-end instruments.

I am a fourth generation woodworker- my father was a cabinet maker, my grandfather ran sawmill and my great grandfather built log houses on the Karelian isthmus. It wasn't an obvious choice for me to become a luthier. After finishing my secondary education I thought about an academic career involving literature, but ended up at Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design, graduating as artisan luthier in December 2005. I started my own business in January 2006. From the very start of my career it was clear to me that I wanted to make classical guitars, as I found their sound palette extremely interesting.

I have been very fortunate to have worked alongside some very talented colleagues; I took my first steps as a luthier under the supervision of master luthier Rauno Nieminen. The Liikanen brothers, Kauko and Keijo, taught me basic classical guitar making techniques. I did repair work for Juha Lottonen for some years, while Gernot Wagner has shown me the secrets of  making double top guitars and Gregory Byers has given direction to my growth as a luthier. 

Through my work, I have met a number of very talented musicians and many clients have become friends. I am very grateful to al who have shown interrest in my guitars. Special thanks to Otto Tolonen and Aleksi Rajala whose music making has spread the message of my guitars all over the world.


TEODORO Perez family


In 1966 Teodoro Pérez began working as an apprentice in the famous  
workshop of José Ramírez III, where he built guitars, lutes,  
bandurrias and mandolins. During these years, he had the great honour  
of meeting some of the great masters of the 20th century, among them  
Andrés Segovia, Narciso Yepes and several others. In 1970, after  
passing the appropriate tests, and with the approval of José Ramírez,  
he qualified as First Officer, and stamped the guitars he made with  
his initials GPM. In 1991 he decided to establish himself starting a  
new stage with his own signature as a builder of classical guitars and  
handmade flamenco guitars. In 1998 his son Sergio, Beatriz in 2005 and  
his son-in-law Marco Antonio in 2009 joined the workshop to continue  
with the family business.
Currently "Guitarras Teodoro Pérez" are in more than 15 countries.

They will bring 4 guitars to Guitar Nordic Festival. 

1. Maestro especial model

2. Concierto Model

3. Segovia Model

4 Chamberí model